Saturday, August 30, 2008

Colorado Trip Day 5 & Going Home

On our way home Wednesday (7/30) we stopped in Cripple Creek, Colorado. Think of the old wild west and you will have a picture of this little town. Before we went into town we stopped at the Pikes Peak Heritage Center (thanks Leah for the tip).
Taking his own audio tour They had a boat, car and covered wagon to ride. The 3 year old loved them and rode them over and over and over again.
He barley made the cut - the signs said 8 and under. He almost did not fit and it made us laugh so I had to take a picture. As Jeremy, my parents and the 8 year old watched a movie in the theater about the wild west and the gold rush - the little guys and I took pictures and looked for rocks for souvenirs. This picture is of Cripple Creek from the back window of the Heritage Center.
I could share about this
or this
or the free meal for all 7 of us, but I think I will let these little memories stay in the family. ;o)
Instead I think I will focus on the shopping! Dad and Jeremy took the older boys shopping for polished rocks, ice cream and time at the park (to get out some of their energy before the trek back to Texas). Mom and I went to the Christmas store to buy ornaments (I will share when I put the tree up in a couple of months). Mom bought the toddler a new friend that he appropriately named puppy.
The next shop was the Cripple Creek Candy & Variety store. In this store they had enough treats to make Willy Wonka smile (the truffles and fudge were works of art) and they also had fun nostalgic candies that you can not find anymore. The owner was a very friendly and kind gentleman - he and his wife had retired to Cripple Creek and this store was a dream come true for them. Under construction next door was the second dream for this couple - an old fashion soda and burger shoppe. I look forward to taking my kids there someday.

Since our stop in Cripple Creek was on our way home we did not have time to do everything. Here are a couple of things you should do if you visit Cripple Creek (I know we will do them the next time we are there).
Molly Kathleen's Gold Mine Tour
Cripple Creek & Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad
Lowell Thomas Museum & Panning for Gold/Gems
Cripple Creek Coffee

So with our treasure packed securely in the SUV we said goodbye to the mountains and our time in Colorado. We arrived at my parents around midnight and went straight to bed. Thursday morning (7/31) we followed my parents to my grandparents home and stopped for a few minutes to wish my NanNaw a happy birthday (see birthday tribute here).
With our goodbyes said we continued our journey home to the DFW area. Once home we had less than 24 hours to prepare for our trip to Savannah. Stay tuned for the situation that almost cancelled our getaway to Savannah.

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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I definitely think we need to re-visit Cripple Creek...our visit there wasn't nearly as fun as yours sounds! I think that is a fabulous drive when the aspens start turning golden yellow!

care-in said...

Wow...what a summer you had making special memories. I gotta hear about Savannah...waiting on pins and needles!

Leah Belle said...

looks like you enjoyed it. i think the view from the visitors center is spectacular.

if you can't post about Savannah right now, how 'bout posting your pics on facebook so we can see them? can you tell i am impatient.

btw....i missed you. glad you are back on here!

Gretchen said...

CC is definitely a charming mining town. Haven't been there in years. Love all these visits down memory lane (for me).