Sunday, August 31, 2008

Golfing with Dad

I will post about our time in Savannah later, as I am a little burned out on vacation wrap up right now. Wednesday (8/6) Jeremy took our 8 year old with him to play golf. Here are some pictures of their time together.

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care-in said...

What great memories. Xavier has a mini golf cart on his desk but not because he likes to golf. It's a reminder of his days as a custodian!

lisasmith said...

Was the trip to Savannah just the two of you? I guess I'll have to stay tuned, huh? haha

What a big guy, golfing and all! Sometimes I just watch my kids do big people stuff and marvel at them. Your family is beautiful!
Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I love it when you play catch up!

Gretchen said...

Could he BE any more tickled to be in that golf cart?

His Girl said...

My kids would love a day like that! We don't do any golfin' here, but our whole community is planned around golf. The whole thing just kinda escapes me, but it looks like a good day!