Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Nan Naw!

Nan Naw is my dad's mom and today is her birthday. On our way home we stopped for a little while to visit my Pap Paw and her.
I was fortunate to grow up near both sets of my grandparents. The memories of my Nan Naw that stand out are that she was a whiz with a crochet needle and she made lots of yummy goodies over the holidays for us all to enjoy. She tried so patiently to teach me as a child how to crochet but I just could never get it. I wish today that I had practiced more because I remember her sitting (while watching TV) crocheting and she always looked so relaxed. Maybe I will try to learn again but if it never happens at least I have some of her colorful afghans.

Another memory I have is of spending the night at their house - my dad's youngest brother was off at school so I would get to sleep in his giant water bed - I thought it was so cool. Then on Saturday morning they would take me for breakfast - it was always a special time with my grandparents because it was just them and me -I did not have to share them.

When we moved for my dad to go to Seminary, Pap Paw and Nan Naw would come stay with us. I remember them coming in with arms full of groceries (money was tight then) and we would always be so excited to see them. We always enjoyed their visits because they would come and stay for at least a week. It was always fun to have them around.

Nan Naw was so good to keep the things we would make for them, she also kept all the letters and cards we would send. Then after we graduated from high school she gave each of us a scrapbook that she spent hours and hours making. They were full of pictures of our lives and many memories. I cherish these books and am so thankful for them.

So happy birthday Nan Naw - I hope it was a wonderful day! Love you!!!

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Gretchen said...

What a sweet, sweet post. I'm trying to teach myself to crochet too, Jenn. My grandma ("Grum") tried to teach me ages ago, and I just didn't get it. :) We can commiserate together. What a neat scrapbook in your mind of this precious woman.