Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our 3 Day Weekend in Pictures

I am a little behind posting this, as it is almost time for the weekend again. Saturday was yard day. Our bushes needed a lot of TLC, so we winterized our yard and put our Fall decorations out. It was a beautiful Fall day!

A new face that he is making these days.
The boys helping to trim the bushes with their scissors!
His Kung Fu Panda pose
Trimming with scissors backwards - so cute.

On Sunday afternoon we went to my parents house to help them do a little unpacking. 45 minutes versus 6 1/2 hours - we are so happy they live so much closer. :o)

This is the neighbor's dog Clarice. Does anyone else think of fava beans when they hear that name? She was such a sweet and friendly dog. The boys had a great time playing with her. Speaking of dogs, we received the green light from Jeremy to get a puppy! Now we just have to find the right one for our family.

My dad traded in his riding lawn mover for a Gator. They loved riding around the church's property with their Popple. This toy will be a hit for many many years.

Monday morning was very relaxing for the boys and I as Jeremy played golf with friends. That afternoon was our annual teacher conference, we receieved a very encouraging report about our third grader from his teacher. Then we had dinner at Pei * Wei (or as our 8 year old calls it Pee Wee). It was a special treat because everyone was on their best behavior! We ended the night by purchasing Halloween costumes. Our 4 year old walked around the store wearing this mask the whole time - he looked so funny. His big brother and I could not stop laughing. Looking forward to this weekend!

Happy Fall Y'all!

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lisasmith said...

Your house looks awesome!

Love all those boys working together!

Amy said...

What costumes did the boys pick? Your fall decorations look awesome!!!

Gretchen said...

Is that your house? It's totally elegant and gorgeous, and I'm trying extra hard not to be jealous.

Cute, cute, cute trimmer boys. I heard KFP was a good flick, BTW.

I think my dtr is going to be a vampire and my son is going to be Spock. Haven't decided what/who I'll dress as. Hubs is always the same: "stick in the mud." :)

Leah Belle said...

your yard and decos look great!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Love your fall decorations! I haven't bought any pumpkins yet. I usually do and then it snows and they get all mushy and rotten, but so far, no snow, so now I'm thinking if I buy one I will jinx it and it WILL snow.

I love Pei Wei. John doesn't, so I rarely get to eat there. I often will grab it if I'm out by myself! did I miss that your parents live 45 minutes away? Forgive me if I missed a post about that. But hey, I'm happy for you and your family that they're within easy driving distance!