Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Big Boy Bed

A couple of weeks ago on a Saturday morning I heard our youngest crying in his room. As I got closer to his room, I could tell he was not in his crib. He had climbed out of his bed for the first time, thankfully he did not hurt himself! Not wanting to push our luck, we put the toddler bed in his room that evening. We were a little worried about the transition from crib to bed because his brothers did not have a very easy time making the switch. Staying true to his easy going personality, it has been smooth sailing. It is bittersweet going through all these "lasts" with him. I am trying to cherish all the fun little cute things he does as a baby/toddler - I'm glad I have my blog to record them in!

First night: encouraging his little brother that he can stay in his bed.

The next morning: stayed in bed all night without getting out once! Yeah!

Second night: While putting his brothers to bed I told him he could play in his room. I found him asleep on the floor by his door.

The third night: Helping dad take down his baby bed.

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Gretchen said...

Oh, the bittersweetness of it all! What a doll, though, with big brother and daddy--learning the ropes and taking down his baby crib. Those thighs are still baby, though, Jenn. :) I could just squeeze those sweet cheeks, too. Look at his friends, sharing his new bed. Too cute.

lisasmith said...

Such a big boy...sniff...sniff...how the time does fly. Look how proud he is!

Tamora said...

OHHH I remember moving into our house (5 yrs in NOVEMBer??? How did that happen...)anyway and I was going to keep Kierstyn in her crib forever... Yah right... didn't take long until she was in the toddler bed. Such a bitter sweet moment.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Oh Jenn, those pictures are adorable. Especially the ones where he's asleep on the floor (my kids all did that) and helping Daddy take the crib apart. Sorta makes me wish I still had a two year old. :(