Saturday, October 11, 2008


I did not have the energy to blog or read blogs this week but I have been wanting to update my blog a bit so I played around with that on my down time. I began to do some research on cheap blog makeovers. Have I ever said how much I love to do research? Whether it is to learn something worth while or something useless like checking out the latest news on Jen and Ben it somehow relaxes me. Side note - have I mentioned that I know that Jen and I could be best of friends? If only we could meet and then I could convince her I am not a stalker - I know we would become fast friends - we have lots in common. I don't sound like a stalker or anything do I? ;o) Okay now that you think I am crazy, lets move on.

For those of you who do not like to do research, here is what I learned. Did you know that some blog designers offer free templates that you can easily install yourself? All you have to do is decide the background you want then each of them give you very simple instructions on how to install it. Here are a few that I found:

Smitten Blog Designs (look under gallery)
Little Window Shoppe (look under bloggy freebies)
Simple Chic Blogs (scroll down on homepage)
Simply Fabulous (NOTE- you have to have FoxFire to download these)
Leelou Blogs (look under free)
The Cutest Blog on the Block (look under backgrounds)
Hippo Scraps (register then you find the free ones)

They all have a lot of cute designs but I chose Hippo Scraps because I liked the design I chose for my blog. I also have to admit I thought her little mascot is so cute!

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care-in said...

I like your new look!

Amy said...

Must say I like the Hippo too. Your blog looks fabulous!! Thanks for the info. Maybe someday this year I will get around to doing it. Love ya!

Gretchen said... blog is starting to feel like she's from the "other side of the tracks" with all you folk and your new-fangled bloggy designs.

Nothing like a little peer pressure to get me to look into this. :) Thanks for doing all the "leg work" for me, Jenn. Your blog really is sweet, warm, and clean looking.

lisasmith said...

I'm scared to change anything. Last time I did, I lost all my links. I felt like I lost my friends. I'll see how you do. Thanks for the research!! Glad you're back!!

His Girl said...

*whistle* lookin' good, my friend!

I am wading slowly back into the blogosphere, and not really ready to leave comments yet, but wanted to say hi and tell you that I have missed you...

I'll be back over here soon!