Friday, October 10, 2008

The Last Seven Days...

have been full of germ buggies at our house. Everyone but our 8 year old has had some form of a stomach virus and the two youngest are still fighting theirs off! The doctor says it just takes awhile to get out of their systems - but SEVEN days? The little boys are about to start a riot because I have taken away their dairy along with almost everything else they enjoy eating. I would be mad too if my diet consisted of plain noodles, white bread, potatoes, Gatorade and water - yum!

The good news is even though the 4 year old and the baby have had tummy issues they did not run fever like mom and dad did. That is also some bad news - even though he acted fine our 4 year old could not go to preschool this week because he was living in the bathroom. Everyone definitely had cabin fever and it was a shame we were couped up because we had beautiful fall weather. We did manage to sneak out in the backyard a couple of times and it was great medicine for us all (especially mom).

It has been a long hard week and I am sad to say I have not been a very good mommy. My patience has been low at best. I was quick to fuss or yell before I knew the whole story. I nagged about things this week that at other times would have rolled off my back and would have been no big deal. The worst this week was when I over reacted about something - I knew I wanted to take it back as soon as it came out of my mouth but it was out there and I said it to the people I am supposed to love more than anyone. Nothing stops me in my tracks faster than the look in their eyes - the one who is suppose to protect their hearts and build them up is the one that hurt them. What amazes me is how openly they always accept my apology and afterwards everything is right in their world again. I am thankful for their innocence that allows them to give forgiveness so freely. Even if I walk away full of guilt and shame.

Today I was reflecting on the week and trying to figure out how to control my responses so I do not get to a point where I am at my limit. God kept bringing to mind James 1:19 (You should be quick to listen and slow to speak or to get angry) and I began to pray that He would keep that at the forefront of my mind. Prayer - I think that is key. When it is a stressful week I think my prayer time needs to be on overload. Just thinking out loud here, but maybe during these kinds of weeks when I am about to lose it I should step away from it and get on my knees to gain perspective - His perspective.

I am thankful the weekend is here and we can leave this week behind us. We are working in the yard and decorating for Fall. Have a wonderful weekend.

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Halfmoon Girl said...

awww, what a tough week. I can so relate to feeling badly about over reacting. I seem to be doing that more in the last week too, and I don't have being sick as an excuse! Hope you all recover soon and are able to enjoy your weekend.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Jenn...I so relate to the "bad mommy" feeling. Last week, Sarah broke one of my favorite necklaces (I'm not a big jewelry person and the pieces I DO have are very special to me). I was really upset and told her to keep her grubby paws off of my stuff. I'm ashamed to say that yes, those words really came out of my mouth. I apologized and she forgave me, but I hung my head in (deep) shame when she repeated them to her dad at the dinner table. Low, low moment for me.

I do think prayer is the key. That and recognizing your triggers.

Hope you have a great weekend! Cute new blog design.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Oh, and I'm so sorry you guys have been sick. That makes for a long, hard week.

care-in said...

What a yucky week...hopefully you are on the mend.

I can totally relate to letting my frustrations show and reacting before thinking. It's funny how we "know" what we should do about it but it takes so much effort and remembrance to do it the right way.

lisasmith said...

Oh! Come decorate my house for fall, please.
Side note, a healthy dose of perspective is always on my breakfast menu!