Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weigh In #7

Yesterday was my weigh in, but I put it off a day to see if the bloating would go down some (enough said). This morning I weighed in and well, I did not gain any weight so I guess that is good (still at 11 pounds total lost). I am hoping to see better results next week.

I finally did it - the wrapper came off the Turbo Jam DVDs this morning! I went through the intro and it looks like a great workout. Please pray for me as I am so UNCOORDINATED! That being said I am not giving up - but since I am a little challenged in this area I am going to have to watch the intro a few times to get the moves down (so sad). I am going to do a full workout tonight. I am hoping to report by Wednesday that my body is aching from all my workouts. Wish me luck. :o)

I mentioned that I ordered the Hungry Girl's book of recipes and strategies for guilt free eating. It is a good book, but I think her newsletter is much more informative (and it is free!). I would recommend this book only if you want some great recipes that are low cal/low fat (with WW points calculated) in addition to what you can find on the Hungry Girl site. I love getting the newsletter (M-F) so I highly recommend that you subscribe - then you will start getting emails with lots of great tips and recipes.

Thanks to everyone who left comments! I hope you all have a great week with your weight loss.

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His Girl said...

Good job girl! Yah for the turbo Jam! Yah for keepin' at it! Don't slow down... you're doing fabulously!

Leah Belle said...

Glad you are being successful. I'm sure you feel great! You'll be interested to know that I started WW last week. I lost 4lbs....35-30 more to go. Man, I wish it didn't take so long to lose!