Thursday, May 15, 2008

Birthday and Coupons

Today my sweet niece turned 12 years old. It really does not seem possible that she is a year away from becoming a teenager. Time goes by so fast - it seems like not long ago her mom was pregnant with her at our wedding. Happy Happy Birthday! We are looking forward to celebrating your birthday with you. We love you.

In this post - I asked about saving money through coupons. Meredith wrote a very informative post about how she saves money with coupons. She has been clipping for 18 years - amazing and inspiring. Thanks for the great post Meredith.

I am going to start my coupon adventure this Sunday. Let me know if you decide to start as well.
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jennwa said...

Thanks for he great info.

mer said...

So...did you start clipping your coupons??


His Girl said...

I need to get back in the saddle with the coupon thing. Thanks for the double reminder to get rollin'!