Monday, April 28, 2008

Weigh In #4 and the Weekend

I weighed this morning, the good news is that I did not gain anything - the bad news I did not lose any either. That's okay because I ate three meals during the weekend that probably equaled my points for the entire week. My goals this week - start Turbo Jam and do it at least six days this week, drink more water and stick to my points - no more yummy BBQ, Mexican food or Pei Wei. Hee Hee!

If you are not getting the daily newsletter from Hungry Girl, you should really subscribe, it is full of great information! She has written a book that will be available for purchase on Tuesday (29th). I ordered it a couple of weeks ago and I should receive it tomorrow. I will let you know what I think.
Our poor baby is still sick. I had to take him back to the doctor on Friday. The pneumonia is gone, but he now has a double ear infection and they diagnosed him with bronchial spasms. For the next two weeks we are doing breathing treatments three times a day. He is such a trooper and does not complain too much about his treatments.
We went to our friends' Jeff and Lisa's crawfish boil Saturday evening. This was our sixth year at their annual boil and most of the people we know had conflicts but we enjoyed meeting new people and seeing those that we see only at the boil. I love crawfish! They are low-cal, but it was the two chocolate chip cookies that were probably not the best way to go. Maybe it is the lack of sugar I have had these past few weeks, but those were the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had! The best news is they were out of a tub from Sam's. Here is what they look like.As a blogger, I so wanted to take my camera. I really debated it and decided I did not want to be the freak with the camera and finally decided not to take it. But if I would have not cared what people thought of me, you would have seen this. Yum!
Someone on a diet should not be passing on ice cream information, but I thought someone should enjoy it. I saw this at the Serious Eats blog that Ben & Jerry's is giving away free ice cream cones Tuesday (29th). So go have an ice cream for me tomorrow. :o)
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lisasmith said...

Free ice cream? Seriously, I heard the line was miles long in this little town here! I guess we won't brave it with our stomach virus-sy selves. I don't milk, even flavored and frozen by Ben and Jerry, would sit too well on these stomachs.

Oh, and link me, it would make browsing your blog so much easier!! :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats free ice cream! Poor little fella...hope he's better soon.

His Girl said...

started counting points today, and am all cranky about it, if you have to know. I get so discouraged that I've been dieting a WHOLE DAY and have not lost a single pound. can you believe it?

hope your little guy is feeling well soon, and that you will soon feel the rewards of your self control!

mer said...

Hi Jenn! I'm so sorry to hear that your little guy is still sick. Poor baby.

I'm curious to know about Turbo Jam. Keep us updated. I'm particularly curious to know if you'll be able to move after day 1. *big smile* I'm SO NOT the exercise girl.

Hey, I talked to Leah last night on the phone. They're camping for a few days before trekking home. And they're taking the kids back to Focus on the Family because they've been begging to return since our visit there last week! LOL!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Poor little guy- hope he is feeling better soon. Our 3rd had some bouts of bronchial inflammation and pneumonia when he was younger- he seems to have outgrown that tendency now.

Free ice cream, yum!

{Karla} said...

aww bless his little heart! look how cute he looks though... ~sigh~ cutie!

xo ~ K

chloeadele said...

poor baby. is he better now? what a picture. at least he's not kicking and screaming and trying to pull that mask off. and i so missed going to the slurp n burp. we may have to try and start one of those up here in colorado.

oh and good luck on your weight loss! once this little baby is born, i'm going to join some club and try to get this weight off. it's bugged me for too long.

see ya sweetie!