Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring Break Pt. 3

On our last day, we started with a big breakfast (including the fresh eggs) and then started packing up. We received an unexpected call from the owners of the home telling us it was not booked for the rest of the weekend so we could take our time in leaving. We were thankful and thrilled that we had more time - the boys were excited that they had more time in the hot tub.

As I have mentioned before as a souvenir of our trips I always try to get a Christmas ornament from the places we visit. We went into Crockett to find one, but did not have any luck, instead we found a fun little restaurant called The Moosehead Cafe. It was the quintessential small town restaurant, everyone chose different things off the menu and everything was really good (I can vouch for the cheeseburger on onion bread and fries -yum).

After lunch we went back to finish packing and then took the scenic route home through Athens. I have lived in West, North and Central Texas but have not had the opportunity to ever live in East Texas. The Pineywoods are gorgeous - it is like you are not even in Texas anymore - I would love to live there someday.

This trip can be summed up in one word - RELAXATION. We strongly recommend the property we stayed at and can not wait to go back. The house we stayed in was not directly on the lake but the new home they are building is on the lake with an amazing deck that has decking and stairs from the house to the water. Here is the owners website that contains pictures of both houses and the new house's deck area. If you want a vacation that is slow and laid back this is the place for you!

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Amy said...

Love all your Spring Break stories. You were near Buffalo where chris's mom lives. It is a beautiful part of TX (one we would consider if God ever lets us come home to TX)I am so glad it ended up being relaxing for you too. Did you ever decide on a book to read?

His Girl said...

Forests? Cheeseburgers on onion bread?


Hahaha! Sounds like a great time, Jenn! I hope you had a great time of love, laughter, and letterboxing!