Friday, December 7, 2007

A Tree with a Story

Meredith, at Life at 7000 Feet shared her favorite ornaments on her blog.

"One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is decorating our tree. Hanging from it's branches is a hodge-podge of ornaments, big and small, ordinary and ornate, new and old, but each one of them is beautiful and holds a special place in my heart. I love unwrapping them each year and remembering the significance of each one."

This is exactly how I feel about the ornaments on our tree. Go check out her ornaments, she has two posts with a third planned for later. Here are some of my favorite ornaments...

My Pa Pa made several of these crosses in 1994. This is the last thing I put on the tree each year. When the craziness of the season clutters my head - it helps me focus on what is important. For the past several years my grandparents have celebrated Jesus' birthday with him - how cool is that! Can you imagine eating all the cake you want and not having to worry about the calories?! No comments from the Theologians - let a girl dream!
Jeremy went to college in San Angelo and we lived there our first year of marriage. We go back at least once a year, while there we must eat Henry's Mexican food and I have to go shopping at Eggemeyer's and SugarBaker's.

In case you are not familiar with this scene, it is the Duomo in Florence, Italy - from our trip in 2006 . What unbelievable memories - we are longing for the day when we can go again.

Okay you may be saying - Stitch is one of your favs? Why yes, he is - this from our first trip to Disney World in 2005. Since I was a little girl I dreamed of going there; it was as magical as I had imagined. Jeremy picked this one out on our trip to Glorieta and Santa Fe in August. The only ornament I have left that we bought for our first tree in 1996. He originally was popping out of a present but the box and lid broke. He is a sad looking little fellow now.
I was given this as a gift in the summer of 1992, while working at Glorieta. I made so many friends and memories that year; little did I know that the next summer I would meet Jeremy.
My grandma had an ornament on their tree for everyone in our family. I always loved finding mine each year.
I love this one that our oldest made last year -notice the crooked hat. So cute!!
This place holds a special place in my heart because this is where my adventure in becoming an adult began. Julie and Amy - I am so glad we did life together, even if it was for a short time, but I am so thankful we are still friends today! This is where I first watched Anne.

Thanks for going down memory lane with me. I would love to see some of your favorite ornaments on your blog this Christmas season!


Heather's World said...

I love your ornaments! I feel the same way about ours. My husband doesn't care to help decorate really, so I take my time and reflect on each special moment that they represent.

His Girl said...

I am SO going to copy this idea for a blog, only because I LOVED reading all your memories and seeing your ornaments.

Now, if we could only get our tree up....

jennwa said...

I can not believe it. I had the same angel ornament with a the bell, growing up. It was my special ornament, it even had Jennifer printed on it.
I love the cross ornament, my Dad worked with wood and it reminded me of him. I love your ornaments !!!
Thanks for sharing.

mer said...

Guess what? I have that same angel ornament with a bell too! Even has my name engraved on the bottom.

I loved reading about your ornaments and the stories behind them. I think it's so neat when a tree has a story to tell.

Don't you LOVE Santa Fe? It's one of my favorite places I've ever been...I can't believe I don't have an ornament from there.

I finished college at a Texas Baptist university after we got married. Are you a UMHB alum?

Tamora said...

Beautiful post (all of them). Most bring tears to my eyes.

I envy your time that you have to keep up with your blogging. Thank you for sharing a window of into your life with me. I wish we lived closer! I will work on the ornament pictures tonight! Not sure when they will be uploaded LOL, but I will take the pictures.

Beverly said...

Loved your post about your ornaments especially the Texas ornament. I too went to ASU and I have fond memories of San Angelo and Henry's. By the way, Eggemeyers is one of my most favorite places to shop too!

Merry Christmas!
Beverly Shortes
Seminole, TX