Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy B-day Randy!

This evening we met at Spring Creek BBQ (they have the best rolls in the world!) to celebrate three of the four March birthdays in our family. It was so nice because we had a whole room to ourselves. To a mother of 3 boys, two of which missed their naps, it made for a very pleasant dinner.

The kids had a great time together.

I love this picture! Our little one will probably never want for attention as he is the last baby on Jeremy's side of the family. Our three year old is not in this picture because as I mentioned earlier he did not get his nap, so he was running around crazy and was too busy to stop down for a picture. Why do they always get more energy when they are tired? Such a mystery to me.

Today is Jeremy's dad's birthday! Thanks for being such a loving dad, father-in-law and PaPa. You are always our cheerleader, thank you for always being so encouraging and supportive to all of us. Thanks for being such a fun PaPa to the boys. I hope you had a wonderful birthday! We enjoyed being there to celebrate with you. We love ya!

Happy, Happy Birthday! :o)

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mer said...

Fun! I love Spring Creek BBQ but we don't have them here in CO. We DO have lots of birthdays in March like you though, and can I just say I'm jealous that you live close enough to your family to get to celebrate all together.

Sounds like you had a lovely time!

PJ said...

Happy birthday to all!!! Love the shot of the baby surrounded by loving faces!!! He is blessed, indeed.