Friday, March 28, 2008

A Gentle Reminder

Today I dropped the boys off at the "Babysitting Place" (as my three year old calls it) and headed out to do some "duty" shopping. I was in and out with a gift wrapped present in less than 20 minutes. Aah! Then I was off to the mall for a new outfit. It did not go quite as easy, but finally after a few stores, I found the outfit and I am very pleased with it - yea! After the very successful shopping trip, I grabbed my favorite girlie food to go before heading to my eight year old's school to serve cupcakes to his class for his belated birthday celebration.

I love how God shows me that He loves me enough to pay attention to the minor details in my life. As I look back over yesterday, something (my shopping trips) that was literally keeping me up last night (I know very silly) is as though He was saying this morning "I will help you with this, it is not for you to worry about". Worrying is one of my favorite pet sins that I just can not seem to leave in His hands. I try to stop and trust Him to take care of things, but sadly I take things back when things get too far out of my control. But instead of hitting me over the head, God gently nudges me like He has time and time again and gives me little reminders (like today's shopping trip) that He really wants to take care of everything for me - if I will only let Him. I really should have Matthew 6:25-34 tattooed on my forehead!

Have a wonderful weekend! :o)
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mer said...

Hi Jenn...

OK, so did you delete your previous post? Cause I read it in my reader window, but when I clicked over here to comment, I couldn't find it!

Anyway, I can certainly empathize with you and have been praying. I love tht God cares enough about the little things too. He really, really does and it makes my heart so glad that He showed up for you in those areas yesterday.

Enjoy your weekend!