Monday, August 20, 2007


We anticipated our trip to Glorieta, New Mexico for months, it had been seven years since we had been back. We went back for Bryan (Summer Staffer '92 and one of Jeremy's three roommates from ASU) and Julie's (Were you ever considered a SS?) wedding; it was a very quick trip, so we were looking forward to going back and reminiscing. As most of you know, Jeremy and I met in 1993 (my first summer was '92 - so we met my second summer) while working as summer staffers at Glorieta Conference Center, so this place is very special to us.

Here are pictures from our walk around the campus. FYI-Cottonwood is now Yucca. Notice any changes?

While there we did some hiking.
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Anonymous said...

You guys look great! I think my parents went to Glorietta too.

Leah Belle said...

Ok send me the long version please!