Friday, November 16, 2007

Mr. Turkey

Mr. Turkey
By: Anonymous

I've come to feed you, Mr. Turkey
Some corn and wheat and rye.
I have a special interest in you.
Thanksgiving day is nigh.

Enjoy your dinner, Mr. Gobbler.
And don't you run away.
For Grandma says we'll eat you
On this Thanksgiving Day!

This week our oldest had another "first" - his first oral presentation. He worked so hard memorizing the poem and working on his presentation of it. On Wednesday they were graded in six areas: content, eye contact, voice - clarity & volume, posture and expression.

Then on Thursday they invited all the parents to a "Poetry Feast" to hear them present their poems. They all did so well - their teacher bragged on each child and assured them that she was very proud of them.

Today when he got in the car after school, he was so excited and ripped open his backpack. He pulled out his grade sheet and could not wait for me to read it. We are both so proud of how hard he worked to prepare for this, but it is so much fun to see how much pride he gained from his accomplishments. So being a proud momma, I thought I would brag a bit.

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