Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Christmas Program and a Party

C. had his first Christmas program at preschool on Dec.10th. As you will see in this video he sang his little heart out. Listen carefully, he is the one who is singing the loudest and a little slower than the others too! ;o)

In the picture below he is with his teacher. We feel so blessed that we found his little school, he is learning so much and he loves his teacher.

M. had his 3rd grade Christmas party on December 19th. Here are some pictures from the party.

Making ornaments (that's his teacher in the background).

This was fun to watch - penguin relay races! They walked like penguins and then without using their hands put a nose on that was on the ground. How did the nose stay on - frosting. Frosting Noses!

He and his classmates were excited because they had nachos. In the past they always had just sweets. They were talking about how cool it was to have real food at the party. Ah - the simple pleasures in life.

I hope everyone is enjoying your Christmas break with your family!
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care-in said...

Good for C. Elliya tends to do the opposite and act shy.

Kyra Newberry said...

Love the pictures of your kiddos! The video of the play was adorable! I saw your Christmas card at mom's from your parents. LOve how they put all the grand kids on it. Tell them all hello for me!

His Girl said...


Oh, that was fun to watch!

Never, ever heard of penguin races! brilliant!

I'm all caught up now- how fun your blog is to read and what a cool chick you are. glad we 'found' each other... happy new year!

Gretchen said...

Penguin races? Brilliant! Perfect for a winter party--our kids' Christmas parties with their youth groups were cancelled due to inclement weather. Love it. Love the nachos, too.

Also, your son's singing is perfect, and his preschool teacher is hawt!

lisasmith said...

Hope ya'll had a merry Christmas...I'm trying to play catch-up and hoping I wake up in the morning!

His Girl said...

missing you today ;)