Monday, September 29, 2008

Sleeping in - finding a slower pace Day 3

Gotta love those hotel curtains! We slept in until 11AM on Sunday(8/3) - I am not sure we have done that since our first child was born over 8 years ago. Just awesome!! Once ready for the day we did a little Internet search for lunch before heading out at 1:00pm.

Taking the ferry from our hotel across the Savannah River to River Street.
The view of our hotel as we cross the river. The Westin was beautiful - we enjoyed our stay very much. After a hot sticky day strolling around Savannah, the cold towels and fresh lemonade was a refreshing treat. We definitely recommend this hotel!
View from the ferry of the Talmadge Memorial Bridge that connects Georgia and South Carolina. We thought it was fun to drive over as we do not have anything like this around us here in Texas.
We ate lunch at River House Seafood. This was probably one of our favorite places in Savannah, so much so that we ate dinner there the next night. The Lobster Bisque was the best we have ever eaten! If you are ever in Savannah you must eat there. So good!!
After lunch we went shopping on River Street. I was excited to stop at the Savannah Candy Kitchen because I had seen the owner on Paula Deen's show years ago (told you I loved her - Paula or boys if you read this sorry for the bad review yesterday). At the River street location they were making Pralines and Savannah Taffy in an open kitchen - we enjoyed watching them and of course we had to bring some goodies home with us. We decided to go to Tybee Island in the late afternoon to do some spontaneous exploring. Tybee Island is 18 miles east of Savannah. Interesting fact: In 1736 John Wesley arrived in American through Tybee Island.
The Tybee Lighthouse was built in 1742 (third oldest in America). We got there after it closed so we did not get to go inside or climb to the top (have to do it next time).
In the same area is Fort Screve and the Tybee Museum - we looked at it from the outside as well.
Aah the ocean!! We dipped our toes in for a minute while talking about the next day in Hilton Head on the beach.
For dinner we ate at a place that a local recommended called The Crab Shack. It was very laid back and a little bit of a kooky place (they had baby alligators that you could feed).
We ate the Low Country Boil on the deck overlooking the expansive marsh. I thought the food was good and would like to go back again someday. A great end to a laid back day.

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care-in said...

I love reading about your trip!

lisasmith said...

Heard this was a blog faux-pas but I'm commenting about all your posts that I just read here.
For the record, I would have been totally sick on the plane. (with or without the bathroom issue)
The food looks yummy and sleeping in sounds divine! (I do love hotel curtains just not the bedspreads)

Glad your trip was awesome!

Gretchen said...

We never made it to Tybee Island. Great pictures. Yep, looks like a true Low Country Boil. I"m not a shrimp woman, but Big loves them, and he had a LCB while we were in HH.

Funnnn time.

Leah Belle said...

ah! the low country boil...had my 1st 5 years ago when we moved here. we have some friends coming from NC for thanksgiving and i am considering a low country boil in place of traditional thanksgiving....

Amy said...

Loved all the pics and felt like I had visted Savannah with all your pics and comments. Thanks so much for sharing. I must not be a very good friend because this trip came and went without me knowing anything about it. It sounds like you really needed it after the shower/carpet experience. Sorry to hear the house is off the market. But God has a plan. Can't wait to see you on Sunday. Take care and have a terrific week. Thanks again for the tour of Savannah. Looks like a place I might enjoy.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

It looks like you guys had such a fun time. I cannot imagine sleeping until 11Am, but it sounds divine! I really do want to visit Savannah one day. If/when we do, I'm calling you for trip details!