Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ocean here we come! Day 4

Monday (8/4) was beach day!! We had breakfast in Savannah at The Express Cafe & Bakery. I had the exact same breakfast I had on Saturday - quiche, fruit and half a cinnamon roll - YUM!!

We made the 45 minute drive to Hilton Head , once there we drove to the Westin for our day at the beach.
I had only been to the ocean one other time (back when I was 18), but it was on a rocky beach off the New Jersey shore. I was hoping for white sandy beaches and that is exactly what I found!!

We spent several hours in blue chairs like these - smelling the sea salt in the air and listening to the waves hitting the shore - it was HEAVEN.

I have always considered myself a mountain girl, but I think I may have changed my mind on this trip. We will now just have to take two trips a year - one to the beach and one to the mountains.

After our perfect day at the beach we drove back to our hotel in Savannah. We showered and headed out for our last night in the historical district. We ate dinner at Riverhouse Seafood - we had to have the Lobster bisque one more time. Then after dinner we walked around and soaked up the charming city of Savannah.

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Gretchen said...

Wow. I know this was a difficult time for you. I'll be praying. :)

So glad you had a ton of fun. I'm a scenery pig--have to have the mtns and some water, too. HH is beautiful.

Leah Belle said...

i like what gretchen said: i'm a scenery pig, too although i've never thought of it quite like that!

oh please, please come see us one summer so we can take you to our beaches (san destin, fl.)! they are even prettier than HH if you can believe it! besides, it'd be a good excuse to come see us!

Amy said...

Beautiful! I am glad you enjoyed your day on the beach. I am NOT a beach girl (don't like finding sand in obsure places for days). I do love the mountains (good thing since I live in CO), but my perfect vacation is in a few days, shopping in Dallas. I know that sounds way materialistic since that is not scenery God made, but I guess since I see His mountains everyday, I tend to take it for granted. Looking forward to seeing you. Love ya!