Thursday, September 25, 2008


Sorry for the tease today with the accidental post about Savannah. Amber and Karen , your comments made me laugh. I will try to post Friday afternoon after I take the 4 year old to his wellness check up. He is so excited about going to see our Pediatrician because she aways gives them little trinkets and stickers. Sadly the appointment will not end well, as he will receive 5 shots. I hate that the mom has to participate in the shot process - they look at you as though you are betraying them. Maybe a sucker out of the treasure box will help a bit. :o)

Have a great Friday!
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care-in said...

I thought that was really strange...I clicked on that entry from my reader and left a comment then when i came to your blog the post wasn't here.

Wanna come to Evie's appt. on Tuesday? I need moral support while they do a catheter...again!

Gretchen said...

I sooooo feel you on the shot thing. My 12 year old still hates them. I hope it turned out okay.