Friday, September 26, 2008

Heading to Savannah Day 1

How could the picture below almost end our trip to Savannah before it started? Let me tell you...
We got home from our trip to Colorado on Thursday(7/31) and Jeremy and I had to be at the airport on Friday(8/1) at 3:00pm. The morning started out great - we were unpacking and repacking for our trip as well as getting the boys ready to stay with family. Jeremy ran to the store to get groceries for those who would be staying at our house with the boys. While he was gone I put the little boys in the shower and called one of our family members to see if she needed anything for her stint while keeping the boys. I kept listening in on the boys to make sure they were okay while I was on the phone - they sounded fine so I went on packing. I decided that they had enough time to play in the shower, so I went to bathe them. That is when EVERYTHING fell apart.

I walked toward my room and before I reached the door I noticed the carpet was wet. I did not think anything about it because the boys are known to get out of the shower to get a toy at times. Then I entered my room - the carpet going into the bathroom and into my closet were SOPPING WET!!! I could see into the bathroom, there was at least 3 inches of standing water! My mind was spinning and I was so confused - where was all this water coming from?!!? That is when I saw it - the innocent little smiley face ball was in the shower drain (the drain cover was not glued down so the baby removed it and put the ball in it)!! To quote Meredith "Calm was not my immediate response". I am glad to say I did not yell at the boys - it was not their fault that the drain cover was off or that their mother was not watching them closer. But I did freak out and began to cry (which my boys were not prepared for - the oldest tried to console his whimpering mom and the other two just looked at me like I was crazy) - we had to be at the airport in 4 hours - none of us were packed, the house needed to be picked up and we needed to get ready. I was so mad at myself - that this huge mess happened on my watch. Our carpet was ruined in these rooms and we were trying to sell our house!!! (Side note - today 9/26 we took our house off the market - we are going to wait until the market gets better) I had to call Jeremy at the store - before I called I prayed and asked God to prepare Jeremy for what he was about to hear. God answered my prayers because Jeremy was very calm and rational (it may have helped a bit that his wife was a blubbering idiot while talking to him) and he told me he was going to buy a shop vac to suck up the water. The one he bought was not strong enough so he had to go to another store to buy a bigger one plus several fans to help dry the carpet. We were racing against the clock but miraculously (thank you Lord!) were able to get everything done before we had to leave for the airport. Thanks to those who stayed at our house with that wet and smelly carpet and for keeping our boys so we could go on our trip.

Once checked in at the airport we had a chance to calm down a bit and began to get excited again about our trip. The only planes that are available through American Airlines nonstop from DFW to Savannah are little American Eagle planes which in most circumstances would not be a big deal. It was time to board the plane when the flight attendant made an announcement that boarding would be delayed due to a mess that had to be cleaned in the bathroom on the plane. Fun times. Once we took our seats I had to laugh - guess what was directly behind my seat?

Even after they cleaned it the aroma was still very unpleasant. As long as the door was closed I was okay but mercy me if that door opened - I thought I was going to toss my cookies. Well most of our fellow passengers must have drank a gallon of water before the flight because you can not imagine how often that door opened in our 2+ hour flight!! Then the door had a little quirk - every time it was shut all the way it locked on the inside so the poor singular flight attendant on board would have to come with her little tool to unlock the door every few minutes plus attend to her 50 passengers. The flight was very comical but I was happy when it was over.

I was thrilled to be in Savannah, I have always wanted to visit the deep south. I was in such a good mood, even the airport brought me joy - it was the prettiest airport I have ever seen. My first encounters with Savannahians were just as I had imagined, they were so warm and friendly. I was smiling from ear to ear and so thankful for our time together.
Since there was NO WAY I was going to use that funky bathroom on the plane, on the way to baggage I stopped in the bathroom. I was in such a good mood that even the bathroom made me smile. I had never seen an automatic soap dispenser before so I had to take a picture. What Southern Hospitality - rocking chairs while you wait for your ride from the airport!

After getting our rental car we drove to historical Savannah and stayed our first night at the Four Points.
It was a very nice hotel and if we had not been using points for this trip would have stayed there the whole trip. I definitely recommend it! Stay tuned for day 2 - I know you are waiting on pins and needles. ;o)

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His Girl said...

.... well? how?

care-in said...

Tell me!!

Gretchen said...

Savannah is a beautiful city, indeed. We visited the home (just the outside) of Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts when we were there in April. I had never been there before, either, and we treated ourselves to a fab carriage ride. I also really enjoyed Charleston.

Tamora said...

OHHH Jenn! I would have cried too! You sound like you handled it very well. Savannah looks beautiful. I am glad you had a great time!

His Girl said...

oh wow! holy moly, we have had many a flood in the hisgirl house, and I know how it messes up so many, many things. I'm glad you were able to leave on time!

ICK the bathroom! If I were you, I would consider contacting the airline... maybe they will send you some sort of free points... IN WHICH YOU CAN COME VISIT CALIFORNIA!?!?!

Can't wait for day 2.

care-in said...

I would have cried too but I'm glad everything got better!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I would have cried too, but man, that hotel room could soothe ALL my troubles. So could the rocking chair for that matter!