Thursday, August 28, 2008

Update & Colorado Trip Day 4 Pt. 1

Back to school week is going great! Our 8 year old likes his teacher and is making new friends. Tonight was “meet the teacher” for our 3 year old - he is so excited about starting school on Tuesday. I have been having allergy problems this week and the last two nights have not slept much. Today I feel lousy and feel like my allergy issues are turning into a cold. Does anyone know if that is possible??

On to the reason we chose Colorado Springs- Adventures in Odyssey! I have said before that our 8 year old LOVES! all things Odyssey. So when Leah and Meredith posted about meeting at Focus on the Family -I knew we had to take him.

If your kids are ages 6 (maybe even younger - our almost 4 year old listens to some of them) to 12 (or up - Jeremy and I enjoy the Cd's as well) - I can not recommend this CD series enough. Our 8 year old has learned so much about the Bible and life lessons- when we have situations we need to address, we can fall back on Odyssey episodes as examples. These Cd's are a great resource.

On Tuesday (7/29) we met my dear friend Amy and her family at the welcome center. I did not get to visit with her as much I would have liked to, due to the fact that I had to keep up with my kids. After everyone played, our plan was to meet for lunch, so we could actually talk and take some pictures together. Well there was a communication breakdown between Jeremy and I - we ended up at the wrong Panera Bread! We felt terrible, but they were very understanding. Thank you Amy for being so gracious - hopefully we can visit a little longer when you are here in October!

Hangin' with Mr. Whittaker

In Odyssey heaven!

The boys thought it was cool that the elevator was decorated like the Imagination Station.

Reading a script of an Odyssey episode.

They had a room set up like the Chronicles of Narnia. This is the Wardrobe Closet into Narnia.

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Gretchen said...

Sooo cute and fun! All except your cold.

Allergies are an immuno response, my friend, so it makes sense that if your immune system is compromised by fighting all those dastardly allergens, a cold virus might just sneak in and take advantage of all that moisty, snotty goo. :(

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Panera and Focus on the Family--two of my most favorite places to visit--preferably in the same day!

Amber from His Girl's Blog said...

TOTALLY want to go in that wardrobe! Been dreaming about it since I was a little girl!

*still sad these aren't taken in cali!*

lisasmith said...

Looks so fun!!! I always wanted to go to Odyssey and Narnia.

And, you saw Amy, even for a minute! She's coming in College Station. Amy, Amy, do you read this?

Sing4joy said...

I'm enjoying your vacation! Sorry about your allergies!