Sunday, July 13, 2008

Food - Chipmunks - Wii

On Wednesday the boys had a day with their girl cousins. After running some errands, we began talking about lunch. We took a vote on "home food" (as my boys call it) or Sonic. There was a tie (little man could not vote) so this being an election year I decided to be a good politician and we compromised - Sonic drinks to accompany the "home food".

Indoor picnic while watching Alvin and the Chipmunks. I loved hearing them laugh while watching the movie.
Impromptu water fight!

Waiting for their clothes to dry, the big kids had a Wii Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games tournament while the little boys napped.

Thanks again girls for watching your two youngest cousins so Uncle Jeremy and I could watch your oldest cousin at his swimming lessons. We enjoyed having you over to hang out with us.

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Leah Belle said...

looks like fun! i love cousins!

ps. your house is pretty

care-in said...

fun fun fun!

His Girl said...

wow. will you be MY aunt? sounds like lots of fun.

I would have voted for sonic, by the way. we don't have those here!

Gretchen said...

Fast food drinks with home food? What a creative (and cheaper) idea!

We love our Wii, too. :)