Saturday, July 12, 2008

4th of July Weekend in Pictures

A little late, but here are our 4th of July weekend Pictures. **WARNING** - there are A LOT of pictures so get ready! :o)

We had an unconventional 4th of July - during the morning we just hung out at home and relaxed. For dinner we decided to take the boys to GattiTown - it was a great time to be there - we basically had the whole place to ourselves.

Our oldest loves the bumper cars. Our non-aggressive child changes from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde as soon as the ride begins.

All my boys!

First time to ride a carousel. By the way he loved his yellow balloon that a nice GattiTown worker gave him. He was so sad when it popped at the end of the evening. Besides the bumper cars the air hockey table is a must before we leave. Look how empty the place is!
Potty break before the fireworks at Dad's office
Enjoying our town's amazing fireworks display. I love this picture that Jeremy took of the boys!
We are STILL trying to sell our house. We are getting positive feedback on the house, but we are hearing the back yard is too small. So Jeremy spent his Saturday updating the backyard to give it the illusion that it is bigger. Above is the before picture.
Copying his dad. Poor Jeremy was so drained and sunburned by the time he was done for the day.
On Sunday afternoon a trip to Baskin Robbins. Eating outside was not a very good idea on my part. The guys had to eat their ice cream so fast they really did not have time to enjoy it.
Eating Ketchup for the first time! He thought it was yummy. :o)

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His Girl said...

your backyard looks big to me! Ours is teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeny! We live on the inside curve of a cul-de-sac, so that would explain it.

The shot of your boys watching the fireworks? classic.

Love that you had the whole place to yourselves- another day we like to go out is superbowl sunday- after church- anyplace that isn't playing the game. It's like a ghost town!

care-in said...

I love these pictures, especially of the boys hanging out the back!

Amanda said...

Your boys are really cute, thanks for checking out my like-boy family blog. It's fun to have that in common. :)