Thursday, June 12, 2008

Re-cap Collages

~Saturday in Okie~

During my blog hiatus - Jeremy's parents took our oldest two for a day trip to their land in Oklahoma. It was our 3 year old's first time to go (Jeremy took our oldest camping last August) and also his first time to fish. They had a great time playing and running around - so much so that the 3 yr. old fell asleep on the way home. When they got home they said one of their favorite things of the trip was Mimi's personalized homemade lunches. It is all about the little things.

~Friend Birthday Party~
Our oldest had his 8th birthday in March but due to his birthday always falling during Spring Break he never has a very good turn out for his party. This year we decided to wait till the end of the school year and almost everyone was able to make it. This was the easiest and most stress free party we have ever had - Pump it Up handled everything.

~Graduation Day~

My nephew graduated from Preschool in May. Blaine sent me pictures of his big day - isn't he so adorable in his cap and gown? Kindergarten here he comes - you are going to have so much fun!!
My niece had her 6th grade graduation. Jeremy and our oldest went to the ceremony - they were so impressed as they listened to her whole 6th grade class recite the Book of James. What an amazing accomplishment!! Could she really be old enough to be in Junior High?

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mer said...

Aren't you smart to wait until school's out for the birthday party? We havet the same issues with our youngest daughter. I have to tell you though, that I'm NOT a fan of Pump it Up. I almost broke my nose there! Everytime we've ever been, someone in my family ends up getting hurt! :) Glad you escaped injury-free. Looks like everyone had a great time.

Love the pics of your niece! They're such a sweet family.

His Girl said...

these collages and the catch up are so much fun!

isn't so awesome to have this little scrapbook you can work on, with no little bits of paper to clean up?