Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Jeremy took our seven year old camping on Saturday at Jeremy's parent's land. They caught a lot of fish, explored and shot cans with a BB gun. They had to cut their trip a day short, as our son slept (Jeremy was awake most of the night) a huge storm blew in three inches of rain. Poor Jeremy had to load the car early the next morning in the pouring rain. I asked my son what his favorite part was and he said "Being with Dad". I thought that was so telling; all kids want is just a little quality time with mom and dad.

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A side note...
There were left over smore ingredients, so for a treat today we made a microwave version. They were pretty close to the real thing.

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Leah Belle said...

Looks like fun! That's an adorable son you have there. And he looks like his daddy!