Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring - Love/Hate Relationship

Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments on my exercise and diet. I am also glad to have a few friends joining me in this journey (Julie, Amy & Tamora). Tuesday's walk went much better than Monday's - leaving earlier was the key. Today I decided to walk at home with Leslie Sansone because I was not sure what the weather was going to do this afternoon. Speaking of weather...

I have said before that Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons. If you asked me to choose just one, I do not think I could because I love them both for so many reasons. But there is one thing that may give Fall an edge over Spring - Tornadoes.

April 10, 1979 - I was a six year old living in a little town (Iowa Park) eleven miles north of Wichita Falls. On that day a F4 tornado that was nearly a mile and a half wide hit Wichita Falls (see video here and here) killing 42 people and causing $400 million in damage. Even though our town was not hit, I have vivid memories of that day and night that have stayed with me - some who know me would say even scarred me for life (okay most would say).

My parents were so good to help me get through tornado season every year. We always had a weather radio (something I should have in my home). Every time we moved my dad would get me a map or a list of all the surrounding counties so I could follow where the storms were. I always knew the best room in the house to go to if I ever had to take cover. I knew so much about tornadoes that you would think I would have become a meteorologist! :o)

As an adult my fears and anxiety have subsided somewhat, I think I learned to finally give them to God. Monday (3/31) was the first time I had to calm someone's fears other than mine. We had bad weather all around us and our city's tornado sirens went off. The dreaded sirens means one thing - take cover. A funny side note - our three year old kept saying that day and for the rest of the week - "Mom are the tomatoes coming" - cracked me up! The oldest two were freaking out! I realized right there that I did not want to pass on my fears to them. We went into my closet and we prayed together. I did not want the closet to be a scary experience, so they had snacks and played with Uncle Bruce's guitar. The funnel clouds did not touch the ground and yet again God protected us. It was such a reversal for me to be the one doing the calming. Growing up feels really good.

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Tamora said...

I could have written this post!!!!! Kierstyn also calls them tomatoes :*). It is nice to not fret over it. I get anxious and I feel safer at home, but I not freak out like I used to. I think since I have my kids to protect, I have something else to worry about.

His Girl said...

I used to have nightmares about tornadoes... which is funny cause i've lived in cali my whole life.... and earthquakes don't scare me a bit.

I love reading about your growing up adventures.... thanks so much :)