Thursday, April 10, 2008

Crazy Early Morning...

I was awoken this morning around 3:30 AM by the sounds of strong winds. I turned on the TV and the meteorologist was saying to take cover in our area. I hesitated because I did not want to wake up the boys if I did not have to, but around 4:00 our city's sirens went off. Of course, about that time our Satellite went out - why does it always go out when we need it the most? After waking the boys and getting them in the closet, I called and woke Jeremy up in New York City so he could watch the local radar on his computer and tell us when the storm had past (thanks honey). We had high winds at almost 90 miles per hour, but thankfully there was no damage in our area. Other towns in the Metroplex were not as lucky, many of them have lots of damage and no electricity today. Praising God that there was no one killed and very few injuries reported.

Once things calmed down I put the oldest two in my bed, as they did not want to sleep alone. I was concerned that the little one might not go back to sleep, but at around 4:30 all was quiet. Needless to say 6:30 came very quickly and we are all a little tired around here today - but I am smiling because we have beautiful sunshine and blue skies. I was even able to meet my friend Lainie for a play date before lunch - our boys had fun and we had a great visit.

Speaking of lunch, I posted a healthier version of a Paula Deen sandwich on my recipe blog. If you like asparagus you will love this one.

I am looking forward to tomorrow because I am having lunch with Karen. Jeremy has been out of town most of the week, so I am excited about having a break from the boys and time to catch up with my friend.

Now I am off to take a nap before it is time to walk to pick up the oldest from school. Aah naps - gotta love 'em.

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His Girl said...

Your city's sirens went off????
*shudder from complete fear*

okay, I guess if you're not willing to move out of your town, we'll have to wait to be neighbors in heaven ;)