Sunday, April 20, 2008

Our Weekend

We have had a busy weekend, but I am excited to report that all of our closets are cleaned out! I am taking a short break before I head back to de-clutter. We have a long night ahead of us, as we have to finish touching up walls and cleaning carpets. Tomorrow's agenda is spring cleaning before the Realtor comes at 5:30 to take pictures and sign the contract. We are worn out but it will be well worth it once there is a sign in our yard! :o)

I am soliciting advice... if you have moved before do you have any suggestions on how to make our house more appealing to buyers? Lisa, I am sure you are an expert in this area! Any tips you can give us would be greatly appreciated.

Friday night our 8 year old was able to take his friend to our Kid's Ministries' "Shine Like Stars" party. Everyone involved with our Kid's ministry made the night so awesome! They put in so much time making the atrium of our church look like a red carpet event - even down to the paparazzi taking their pictures when they walked in on the red carpet. Once the kids walked down the red carpet they were given play money and they entered a carnival like area where they could play games and win prizes. He and his friend had so much fun. He was not feeling 100 percent, but I am glad I let him go. We are supposed to get pictures so I will post them. We are so thankful for all the people who do so much with the kid's at our church - most of them give many hours a week without pay and they are so faithful to teach our children God's word and make it full of energy and so much fun!

Saturday night Jeremy took our 18 month old to a kids urgent care facility because we thought he might have Pink Eye. It turned out that he does not have Pink Eye but a virus in his eyes, an ear infection and Pneumonia. I thought it was just allergies - I felt awful! I am so glad that God prompted Jeremy to take him because the doctor said his lungs sounded terrible! Our poor baby has felt awful today - fever, coughing a lot and not sleeping much. I am praying that he has a restful night. Our oldest is still sick and so I will probably take both of the them to our Pediatrician in the morning.

My break is over - back to cleaning! :o)

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lisasmith said...

As soon as you get pictures of you house online, let me see them and I'll tell you what I think. Sounds fun! Also, just make sure your house looks clean, neat and functional. The irony in this is that most people move because their house is too small. But, make sure your closets, cabinets and pantry are not overflowing and there is not too much furniture in your rooms...just typing that makes me panic. Remember, you are selling your home, no longer living in it. Also, curb appeal is important. If they don't like the outside, they won't come inside.

You sound like you are on the right track. Good luck!

Tamora said...

Poor baby! I am glad Jeremy took him in. I hope he is feeling better very soon!

Sing4joy said...

That's what all the HGTV and TLC shows I watch say...
Also - remove personal items, if you have any rooms that are painted in super bright or odd colors - neutralize them...and try not to take it personal when people come in and don't immediately make an offer.