Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday!

Taking a break from the Super Tuesday political coverage (anyone else enjoy this stuff besides me?) to do a quick post.

We want to wish our nephew a very happy birthday! We love you!

Happy 5th Birthday Buddy!


Aim said...

the blue on your blog looks nice. Hey, can I have a site ready/meter? and a weather girl (Amy Samuel has one)? No hurry, just getting blog envy I guess. you are making my blog so awesome, I just want to keep making improvements. Thanks again!!

jennwa said...

My son turned 5 today too. Happy Birthday Boys!!!!

Sing4joy said...

awww. that's sweet. Happy Birthday from over here too!

His Girl said...

how did I miss commenting on this adorable face and wishing a very happy birthday?

apparently i have amnesia or something.

my regrets.

and wishes for lots of lovely post-birthday fun!