Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl XLII

We are leaving in a couple of hours for a Super Bowl party. As Cowboy fans, we had a hard time deciding who to root for in the game. The Giants are a big rival of the Cowboys, but we do not want to see the Patriots win. So we are sorta pulling for the Giants.

But who am I kidding, since my team is not in, I am most excited about hanging out with friends. One of my favorite parts of the Super Bowl are the commercial breaks. A couple of years ago at a party the guests were given a piece of paper, on it were different categories and we were suppose to fill in our favorite commercial for each category - it was so much fun.

For a lot of girls, Tom Brady is so dreamy - he does not do it for me. Eli is cute in a little boy way. Since the cutest quarterback did not make it, I will just wait to watch him during his commercial. Doesn't he have the cutest smile!? :o)

Enough talk about the game and the cutest quarterback, lets get to the most important part of the Super Bowl - the FOOD! We are taking Corn Salsa to the party tonight. Well, I guess technically Jeremy is taking it because it's his specialty! I'd like to know what you are taking or took to the game. Or if you are not going to a party, share your favorite snack. I love recipes!! Thanks for sharing.


Sing4joy said...

Wow! He IS dreamy!(Whoever he is,lol). The kids watched the Disney channel and I'm pretty sure I was in dreamland during the game. So, I've not much to say on the topic of football. However, I can share with you one of my favorite party snacks! It's my Mom's recipe and it is oh so yummy! It is requested for every family to do. You get 3 cans of Hormel chili with no beans and 1 block of cream cheese. Put them all in the slow cooker on low and break the cheese up as it heats. Then just let it sit on low until it's gone. Serve it with tortilla chips, or the best ever - Fritos corn chips! Hope you were happy with the outcome of the game.

mer said...

Hope your Super Bowl party is fun. We're just watching it at home tonight, but I made a big spread for us! My favorite is spinach-artichoke dip...YUM!

I think Tom Brady is adorable,(YES, I'm pulling for the Patriots--sorry), but I don't really think he's such a great guy. Eli is a good guy, very solid, and upright, but I just think Tom B. is so stinkin' cute.