Monday, February 11, 2008


I know my last two posts have been those of the random kind - sorry. I will try to be more focused after today. As I type, this is going on at my feet.

Silly boys, but they are having the greatest time! We are listening to the CD from the book Noodles from Scratch. I bought this book and its accessories for my almost 8 year old several years ago and it is still a favorite around here. Side note-- the alternative names for the boys were not working for me, so I'm going back to identifying them by their ages. Welcome to my world of indecisiveness.

On Friday, my sweet friend Lainie brought me a food gift and it made my day!! She is famous for her Bran Muffins (also for her Tiger Butter) and she brought me the mix so we could make them for breakfast Saturday morning. So that morning, I filled the Muffin pan and then set up a "mix -in" bar (kind of like Marble Slab or Cold Stone but much healthier) and everyone decided what they wanted in their muffins. Even my pickiest eater loved them - give them a try!

Saturday and Sunday the weather was sunny and 70 degrees. Beautiful weather, but a little disappointing because usually February is our last chance to get snow for the season. We have been praying for snow, but it does not look like it is going to happen again this year. The last real snow, where we could build a snowman was February 2004. I guess we will have to hold out hope for next year.

Since it was such a pretty day we decided to go Letterboxing after church. I know I have said this before, but it is worth repeating, if you have not done this activity with your family, you should really check into it. Let me know if you and your family decide to try it.

After finding three letterboxes, we decided to take the boys for ice cream. I decided that our 15 month old really needed a healthier choice, so Jeremy went into a convenience store to by some Teddy Grahams and a water. A few minutes later he came out with this because they were out of Teddy Grahams.

It made me laugh because he was thinking they do not have Teddy Grahams, so I will get something in the cookie family. I on the other hand, would have picked gold fish or something in the cracker family. (Just teasing ya honey!) But I think our little guy was very happy with his daddy's choice. What do you think?

There are several people in the bloggy world who are on a mission trip with Compassion International. I have only been on one mission trip in my life and it was to San Antiono. Some day I dream of going somewhere where I can make a difference, but until then I ask you to join with me in prayer for these bloggers as well as for the lives they will touch. You can click on the button below to read their blogs, as they will be updating them while on their journey. Thanks!

Lastly, Jennifer at Ramblings of a Crazy Woman was very sweet to give me a blog award (thanks!). If you have children in preschool or elementary school, you should really check out Jennifer's site. She has the greatest ideas for crafts to do with your children - they are fun and easy! So in bloggy fashion, I would like to pass this award on to my two favorite relatives, well not my relatives but they are related - anyway... This award is for His Girl and Sing 4 Joy, they are bloggy friends of mine who always have so many kind words to share with others. Check out their blogs, you will be blessed by both of these ladies.

So I will leave you with one last random thought. Is it driving anyone else crazy that Bloggers spell check is not working?!!


His Girl said...

okay, first... I am beyond, beyond honored. you are family to me, too!!! Also, you are the best recipient of the award, 'cause girrrrl... you have such a gift for exhortation! I can totally see Jesus in you from HERE!

also, the "healthier choice" of oreos. classic.

finally... LETTERBOXING!!! I could not be happier that you love it! I have this sick quirk that I want everyone to love everyone that I love and to love doing everything that I love to do.... so you are totally making me happy double time by loving Cousin Judi & Letterboxing.

seriously. you are beyondo. such a blessing from God straight to me.

thank you.

Sing4joy said...

Gosh. I am so humbled by your sweet words. We ARE relatives - the best kind - sisters in Christ! *Tell HisGirl to look away* And when I move to Texas, we will be sisters AND neighbors! *Tell her she can look back now* Super excited to hear you found some boxes! Those are going some fond, fond memories your children will have of growing up with a loving Mommy and Daddy!