Thursday, January 17, 2008


On Jan. 5th our family enjoyed an afternoon of Letterboxing (if you have not read Amber's post on it, you can here.) I knew the boys would love it because our oldest loves to take paper and make it look like an old treasure map. He then will take his brother on adventures to find the treasure. But Jeremy and I enjoyed it as well - it was nice to just get outside and explore.

On our first day of letterboxing we found four different boxes. I personally enjoyed the history on the locations that were included with the clues. We are hoping to go again this weekend - it is a great family activity. I highly recommend it!

Following clues

Finding a box

Taking a break from Letterboxing to play with the Marshmallow Shooters (thanks Uncle Blaine and Aunt Lesli - they are so fun!!)

Sweet Boy

They all fell asleep on the way home!

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His Girl said...

I am dancing! dancing! dancing! I am so so glad that you loved letterboxing!!! I have this illness that requires me to want all the people i love to love all the other people i love and for all of them to love to do all the things i do.

you can imagine how that works out most of the time....

but this time it worked great!!! yayayaaya! you're posting so fast! it's like Christmas here!