Thursday, January 17, 2008

Back and Ready to Blog

Hi everyone! I am back a few days later than planned, but I felt guilty blogging when I had so much stuff to do around the house. So today with laundry caught up, the house in order and no appointments or errands to run, I decided today was a good day to catch up.

I was trying to decide how best to catch up with the things I want to share - current items or old news first? I have decided that since I am doing this blog for my boys to have when they get older it would be best to do old news first.

Wrap up from the holidays...
~Belated Birthday Post~

On December 26th the baby in these pictures turned 27. My mom always made it a point during the busy holidays to make Bruce's birthday day special. #1 rule - no Christmas paper on his birthday presents! We tried to keep up the tradition as we celebrated Christmas and his birthday over the holidays. We had Mexican food (here is one of the recipes I made), cake and birthday presents. Bruce - thanks for being such a great brother and uncle! Love ya!

~Anniversary Getaway!~

Thanks to Cameron/Sloan and Bruce/Jen, who kept the boys, we were able to get away for 34 hours. We saw three movies (two back to back - something we had never done before) and stayed at the W Hotel in a gorgeous suite (thank you Starwood Points) at Victory Park. If you live in DFW or visit our area you should check it out! We ate dinner at the VP location of Luna de Noche. We had never been there before - their salsa is GOOD! On Saturday we had brunch at Craft in the W - brunch is my favorite meal and I enjoyed every bite.

It was so nice to have a few "kidless" hours and just spend time together. I appreciate anytime where we can reconnect and relax.


His Girl said...

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back!!!
Totally missed you! Can't wait to hear what movies you watched and all your bloggy business!

Jenn said...

Thanks! I am looking forward to catching up on reading all my favorite blogs.

The movies we saw were:
I Am Legend (me with my eyes closed at times)
National Treasure Book of Secret (fun movie)
Sweeney Todd (definitely not for kids but very close to the Musical!)

Anonymous said...

How fun for you guys! Glen told us they ran into you at a downtown starbucks...or some random place. I can't remember now!