Thursday, January 3, 2008

Overview of Christmas

For Christmas we were with Jeremy's side of the family. Before our church's Christmas eve service, everyone came over to our house and we had our traditional birthday party for Jesus. Sloan brought this soup and Vicki made this one (both are great - you should try them!). The cake was this.

We let the boys open two gifts before bed (since they had to open the ones from my parents). That night all three boys woke at the same time - 3:45 AM, (we thought that was very strange) after getting them back to sleep, they slept until almost 7:00 AM.

Before opening gifts, Jeremy read the Christmas story. One of my favorite gifts that the older two got, were their own digital camera - now hopefully they will use theirs instead of ours! Sticking with tradition we had these for breakfast.

The boys played with their gifts for a little while, then we drove to Jeremy's parent's home to spend the day. We exchanged gifts and then sat down to for a delicious Christmas dinner that Jeremy's mom prepared (thanks for all your hard work). After lunch the kids (minus the sleeping baby), Jeremy, Cameron and I went for a walk in the woods. We did not get a white Christmas, but it was a nice sunny cool day, great for exploring!

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mer said...

Fun photos...and the soup recipes look amazing! I am going to have to try the chicken/leek one soon!

Also love your crafty creations. impressive.