Sunday, November 18, 2007

Maybe "TMI"... but I need HELP!

Okay like the title states, this may be way too much information for ya, but we are at a loss on what to do! Our middle son has been "TT" potty trained for almost two months (except at nap and bedtime) - he is an old pro at it now. He takes a lot of pride in keeping his underwear dry.


He has NEVER done the other in the potty! He always waits until nap time (when he has a diaper on) to do his business. We have sat him on the potty over and over again (even when we know he has to go) and he will just sit there forever. We have read books while he sits, offered small rewards, even very big rewards - nothing works. We have thought about not putting a diaper on him at nap, but he would just hold it (he is a stubborn little booger) and then we would have another problem.

ANY suggestions from your potty training experiences would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


jennwa said...

I am working on potty training my fourth child. She too peepees okay in the potty but has informed me she is not pooping in the potty. I know each child is different,and in time they will go. If I have any amazing solutions (do not count on it) I will let you know.

His Girl said...

I also have no really awesome suggestions, except encouragement that this is really, super normal. As a former preschool teacher, I saw this happen fairly often- mostly with boys. Seems prayer and time are the key factors in success.

I'm sure you've gotten all the books, I know one mom had success with everybody poops... another Mom had success with having her son empty the diaper into the potty... pretty soon he got tired of the chore and just went straight to the potty. I'll keep thinking of what else worked.

Don't give up! This too shall pass!

His Girl said...

hahaha. The punniness of my last line just cracked me up.. unintentional, I promise!