Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Getting ready for Thanksgiving

I have told you about the blog "The Pioneer Woman Cooks" before, but you might want to check it out again. She is in the middle of sharing a series of recipes on how to cook a Thanksgiving meal - her step by step instructions make it look so easy. If you are in need of some Thanksgiving tips click here. The pictures will make you wish tomorrow is Thanksgiving - yummy!!

I also posted a couple of recipes that I made this week on my recipe blog. One is a great alternative to the plain pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and the other one would be good to make the day after, when everyone is sick of Turkey. :o)

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Leah Belle said...

OH, I've been reading her thanksgiving posts. I WILL be brining a turkey this year as well as making those awful, yet delicious mashed potatoes. I can't wait!