Wednesday, November 7, 2007

35... made a little easier

Well it is here - 35!! On Saturday, November 3rd I reached this milestone – ugh. I moved up the demographic scale (moving from the 25-34 group, to the 35-44 group)! I am not sure why aging bothers me so much - it is only a number, but it always has. I wasted my whole 29th year agonizing over turning 30. Silly me.

Jeremy and the boys always treat me like a queen on my birthday. They woke me up with my favorite breakfast and served it to me in bed. Then we had a cute little cake after lunch; we did not share the cake with the baby, but he waited patiently for our 3 year old to drop a piece. As you can tell his wish came true!

I have the greatest husband ever- he is so thoughtful and in tune with what I need. For my gift he gave me 24 hours to myself, to relax and be pampered. I had such a great time relaxing, working on our Christmas cards and ordering room service (a girl could get use to that!) and sleeping in the most amazing bed. The only thing that could have made it better is if he would have been with me - maybe we can go away for our anniversary (hint, hint)! Thank you Jeremy for letting me have time to refresh and for taking care of the boys all by yourself and getting them all to church the next morning (the early service at that!). You are an amazing husband - thank you!

Pictures of my gift...

My Relaxing View


Leah Belle said...

very nice! very, very nice! I'm glad you got some peace, quiet and luxury for your birthday!

{Karla} said...

happy birthday! I didn't have a hard time with 35 until I realized it shot me into a different age group...


ps - I LOVE the Arthur pumpkin below!

Anonymous said...

Great job honey. Looks like a nice place and the view was gorgeous. Jeremy did good. And by the way I sent your link of my birthday to several people and they all thought you really did awesome. So, I'm not the only one.
I Love you, dad. :o)

Tamora said...

Happy Birthday!!! WOW what a very thoughtful thing for Jeremy to do! I hope you enjoyed your day and relaxed! I am not to far behind you in that next age bracket LOL :*)

His Girl said...

solitude! it's the best gift you can give a mommy isn't it?

I'm 35 too- nice to have company! I keeep thinking it's a joke- I'm going to wake up and find out I'm actually 23. haha.

fun blog! I intend to keep checking in!

His Girl said...

I think we have more in common than I thought... a love of solitude, the old age of 35... and a love of anne of green gables.

I can't wait to read more of your blog!