Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!

What a cute baby! Today is my dad's birthday, so I thought I would share a little about him. Growing up he loved sports, he was an exceptional athlete and stood out in basketball and football. Today he loves to watch college football and basketball (or any sport UT might be playing!), professional golf, and over the last couple of years he has found a love for nascar (I still do not get that sport). My dad is also a GREAT cook - his mom taught him at an early age so he could help out when she went to nursing school. Thanks dad for cooking so many great meals while we were at home and for teaching me a thing or two! Look at this hip '70s couple! After my parents married, my dad balanced college and a full time job so my mom could stay home with me. As a matter of fact, he worked so hard that he was asleep when I was born! :o) In 1972, dads were still not allowed in the delivery room; so while he waited in the lobby he took a nap. He was awakened to the sound of my grandmothers giggling because they had found out I was a girl (first granddaughter on both sides). Growing up I was very much a daddy's girl. I have fond memories of playing and spending time with him.
Ah - the trusty church directory pictorial - circa 1991. At the end of my 5th grade year, my dad made a life changing decision, he followed a calling (from 13 yrs. earlier) to become a minister; so he and my mom stepped out on faith and moved us to the Fort Worth area so he could go to seminary. While my dad was in Seminary and the early years of his ministry, things were not always easy for my parents. My dad worked three jobs, went to school full time, (my mom also worked full time) and then they came home to housework and three kids. Money was very tight, but I never felt I went without. Our family has many stories where God provided and took care of us. My parents were amazing examples to us and those years really formed my trust and faith in God. Thank you dad and mom for your example of faith, as well as the example to keep God in the middle of your marriage and trusting Him to get you through the hard days! As long as I can remember my dad has had the same birthday meal - Lasagna and Carrot cake (recipes here). Since my dad is a Halloween baby we would always have his birthday before we would head out to Trick or Treat. Once we moved away for seminary, dad and I would share our family birthday parties (birthdays - three days apart) because my dad's parents would always come to celebrate with us.

Dad, I love you! Thanks for giving us a secure and happy home. You are a loving husband, dad, father-in-law and grandfather; we are blessed to have you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

PS- I have to thank my Nan Naw (dad's mom) for making all of her grandchildren these amazing albums filled with pictures and mementos from our lives! While looking for pictures last night I enjoyed reliving many happy times. Thank you for all the hours of hard work.


Dad said...

Hi, what a wonderful birthday gift. That was so very sweet of you. I love you. Talk to you real soon, dad :o)

Tamora said...

Happy Birthday Johnny! I am very thankful to have had the pleasure of having you as my pastor while growing up! Your family is soo very special to me. I am very thankful that Jennifer and I have been able to reconnect after several years!