Friday, September 7, 2007

The Time is Here!

Too Funny!! Who would ever pay $50 for a potty? We are in the season of potty training again at our house. Why isn't there a camp you can send them to - let someone else does this job? This time around with boy #2, I started reading him books about using the potty at 2.5 and sitting on the potty every now and then; I decided to be laid back with my approach until he turned 3 (big brother was not PT till 3). No action in the potty yet, but he's been very successful going in his Pull Up!! I know I need to be patient, but I am dreaming of the day where I am only changing one child's diapers!!! :o) Please feel free to leave me any tips that you might have-- I would REALLY appreciate it!

Do you think I am taking too many pictures? While typing, I heard my middle son say, "Mom, get the camera, this is cute".

One last thing--
My friend (thanks Julie!) told me yesterday that you can pre-buy Steven Curtis Chapman's new CD. Once you have ordered it, you will be sent a link where you can listen to the whole album until you receive your copy. If you are a dad with a little girl you will really appreciate "Cinderella" and all you moms will like "One Heartbeat". I think the CD is great, but being a fan since 1988, I may be a little biased. You can go here to buy a copy.


Nan said...

Potty training can be SO stressful! None of my older three boys were trained until they were 3 or very close to 3. My first was fully trained at 2 1/2 and then we went on vacation and **poof** it was all gone. We ceremonially put the undies up in the closet. Then about a month before he was 3 we ran out of diapers and I casually suggested that we did have some undies up in the closet still. He was fully trained within a week or two.

With my second I decided not to even talk about it until the week before he was 3. Then I made a big deal about "When you're 3 you won't need diapers anymore..." We went straight to undies and he was potty trained within a week and a half with maybe 2 or 3 accidents a couple of weeks into it and then nothing else.

My third, I for some reason became over zealous again and tried to do it earlier... lots of frustrations and accidents galore. I was driving myself nuts but I couldn't let it go (sort of wish I had but I was changing two kids at the time and I hate the smell of 3 year old poop in a diaper! LOL) He was fully trained maybe 2 months before he turned 3.

My last boy is just now considering the use of the potty and he is not yet 2. I'm hoping upon hope that out of 4 boys I end up with just one that is really excited about the potty and trains himself at 2 years old!! HA! A girl can dream right?

I do suggest foregoing the pull-ups altogether. They are much too much like a diaper in feel. Though it may mean lots of extra laundry and more in the way of cleanup, undies will help him to be more conscious of what he is doing and how it feels against his skin. If he still doesn't care while wearing regular undies (or what we often do around the house in this stage of potty training, commando!) then it's pretty clear that he is not ready. If he even cares a little that he is drenched or sitting in his own poop... well, then you know you are at least making headway!

Take heart!! I somehow have survived 3 out of 4... of course I don't feel anything like a pro on the subject still.... I dream of being a totally diaperless family within the next year!! What will I do with those $30 a month?!

Nan said...

Wait a minute... do you have four boys too?! Goodness... I think I'm preaching to the choir here! LOL I can't tell from your profile whether you have three or four or seven! ;^P

Jenn said...

Nan-- thanks for the advice and encouragement. We bought "Go Diego Go" undies this week, so I will give it a try. The "commando" thing is an option too! Hey - this is a house full of boys! ;o)

I have three boys. I definitely admire you with four boys. Three was a big transition for us, especially being all boys. Are you going for a 5th? Our family is complete (unless God has other plans)-- and even though I longed for a girl-- I would not change my boys for anything!!

Tamora said...

You can never take enough pictures :*) Good luck with the PT! With girls it was much easier. I know Kyra had a hard time with one of the twins. He just wasn't ready until he was ready. Hang in there. The day will come soon enough :*)

Leah Belle said...

i fully agree with nan. my two potty trained at 3. my belief is that its too much stress for momma and child to try to push the issue. when they are ready, they will do it.

Jenn said...

Thanks girls for the encouragement and advice! I will try to be patient and not get stressed.:o)