Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hook 'em Horns

We love the orange at our house, but the strange thing is no one is a UT alumni. My dad and his brothers grew up Longhorn fans and I always remember UT games being on the TV whether at home or at my grandparents house. As my brothers and I grew up, we became fans and now we pass the UT love on to our kids. I remember living near Lubbock (Red Raider territory) and asking for tickets to the UT/Tech games for my 17th and 18th birthdays. I was not an athlete growing up, (I am actually pretty uncoordinated) but because of the generations of UT fans in our family, I love rooting for the Horns. Once Jeremy and I married we recruited him and he is now a UT fan.

Last night we had "game foods" and watched the game (we won!). Even though the boys started to lose interest after eating we are instilling the memories of Longhorn Football. I love tradition - Hook 'em!

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