Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cold weather = no school?

I recently read Mary Beth Chapman's Christmas letter that she posted on her blog. Here is a part that really touched me:

As I anticipate Christmas 2008, I have many thoughts flying through my heart and head. The last several days, my mind has not been able to stop thinking about Mary, the mother of Jesus. Pregnant and scared, knowing that the baby she was carrying eventually would pay the ultimate price of His life. How would I have lived differently if I knew that my time with Maria was going to be this short? Regretfully, I would have lived much differently. I would have purposely hugged and kissed more. I would have tried to memorize and lock away in my heart certain smells and smiles. I would have colored more and worked less. I would have laughed more and fussed less. Bedtime wouldn’t have become a chore to check off the list of things to get done. Instead it would have been more of an opportunity to listen about the day and offer whatever words were needed. The swimming pool wouldn’t have been too cold to swim in. The flowers in the garden would have all been picked, and definitely more ice cream would have been consumed!

Umm - Jesus keep this hurting mother's words close to my heart. Help me remember that each day is a gift with my family. Please continue to keep this precious family on my heart as they continue this journey of healing.

The same day that I read this beautiful letter was also our first bad weather day at school (Dec. 17th). I do not think it was a coincidence that I was reminded of cherishing each moment with my boys. Since it was just cold (high was 25 - cold for us!) and there was no snow to play in (maybe an over cautious Superintendent? But in his defense we did wake up to ice yet it was gone by 10 am.) we enjoyed our day inside. It was a PJ kind of day, where we spent the morning cuddling on the couch watching Christmas movies and in the afternoon made Tiger Butter for teachers and neighbors. We ended the day with a pot of stick to your ribs Texas chili for dinner. Fun, fun day!

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care-in said...

Great times!

Gretchen said...

We had 2 late starts and 3 snow days last week...

I did cherish, really, I did, but boy were we feeling cooped up after a while. :)

I kept repeating to my kids and myself: Col. 3:12 Therefore, you who are chosen by God and holy, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.

I'm not sure if I quoted it perfectly, but we really needed to hear it (over and over again!). LOL

His Girl said...

I do not think it was a coincidence that I was reminded of cherishing each moment with my boys.

isn't it cool how God ordains reminders for us if we'll just take notice? How much we must miss by rushing through instead of listening to God's leading....

I'm using this post to make me cherish this day more.

xoxo. great post!

lisasmith said...

Oh Jenn--thanks so much for sharing this. I really pray for and wonder about the chapmans. So many blogs, so little time, right?
But, thanks. I need this. Lord, help me to cherish every second, to take time to hug, to kiss, to smell, to smile.

And, by the way, it SNOWED here in College Station. The first time in 20 years. It snowed 2 days. School was not even delayed. (of course, my kids went in a little late...i don't like to be cold) but i blame it on the taks...why couldn't taks be in october instead of march???