Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why a sabbatical?

The past three 3 months Jeremy's work schedule has been beyond busy. He is working late every night and still has to bring work home in the evenings and on weekends. The hours are taking a toll on him and we miss him, but we try not to complain. We are just thankful that his industry is not being affected by the current economy issues. We really cherish our weekends with him! I told myself about a month ago that to manage things - I had to get organized and that my computer time would have to wait until everything was done in my day. Three weeks have past without blogging because when I have free time I just want to sit, sleep or veg.

It sounds like I am complaining, but really I am not. The last three weeks have been wonderful. How my heart has smiled to have laundry folded and put in its proper place (not on the dining room table). It stresses me out when my house has stuff everywhere and it has been so peaceful to have it picked up and clean. I have enjoyed cooking meals nearly every night and finding new recipes (which I will share at a later date). Clipping coupons (I am following Meredith's guide ) and finding deals in the paper has become a fun hobby. So far it I have not found a fast way to meal plan, make the grocery list and clip coupons, but I am okay with it when I see the savings at the store! My time with the boys has been good too - it has been fun to just hang out with them. Plus with all the above getting done my patience have been at an all time high.

The only thing is - I have missed reading friend's blogs. I hope to find a happy medium and that I can let go of the all or nothing part of my personality. As you can see I have many new posts today. I had to get them down for scrapbooking purposes, but if you want to see what we have been up to check them out. My goal the next few days is to catch up on your lives, so look for lots of comments from me!! I'll try to be more consistent with reading your blogs in the future.

It is good to be back and caught up on my blog! :o)

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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Jenn, I've missed you, but I understand. It's so easy to let blogging become too big of a distraction in my own life.

I love that you're having fun with coupons. I saved $33 at one store last week and was PUMPED. But you're right...there's no fast way to plan and organize. Just think of your savings as your "paycheck".

Amy said...

Wonderful to catch up. I am proud of you for keeping your priorities straight. Kudos to you!!! I love the new look. Your hair rocks!!! How great seeing the baptism pics. Leah asked Jesus into her heart a little while ago and Noah did 1 1/2years ago. We are talking to them about baptism maybe Christmas Eve. So special to see our kids making that decision. Glad you had a great b-day. I mailed your stamps Friday. Enjoy!!!

Gretchen said...

I think we can all be a little too hard on ourselves re: blogging and reading...I have to continually tell myself that it's a hobby...

In real life, when I get busy, I cut off seeing my friends as much, and doing "fun"stuff. I suppose it's the same with blogging. That said, I missed you and enjoyed getting caught up with you, as well.

lisasmith said...

I totally understand! Totally. That is where I go when I'm gone.

I absolutely love it when you catch up and leave all your encouraging comments. You rock, Jenn!