Saturday, July 5, 2008

Trip Plans

We have the dates for our family vacation and getaway set. As a family (with my parents) we are going to the Colorado Springs area for a few days. It is a quick trip but I hope while there I will get to see Amy and meet Meredith.

We had to make some drastic changes to the trip Jeremy and I are taking. Due to the fact that we are doing this whole trip on points and the fact that Jeremy only had a week and half period that he could take vacation, we could not get a flight in to any airport in California. Sadly that means that we can not go to San Diego. I was really looking forward to the beaches and the possibility of meeting Amber. I am holding out hope that we can do it next year.

We started checking on flights (with points) other places we were interested in and everything came back unavailable. Then one morning last week I thought "I have never been to the South - how about Savannah and Hilton Head". Guess what, there were flights available - so Paula here I come!

While in Savannah I am looking forward to seeing Southern Mansions, shopping in the historical downtown and eating good Southern Cuisine and Seafood. I hope while in Hilton Head (or Savannah) that Jeremy can play some golf (then maybe I will not feel so bad about all the time I spend looking around at all the shops).

As sad as I am about not going to San Diego, I am really ecstatic about my trip to the South. I have always dreamed of visiting and Savannah is a great place to start. So Cali maybe next year.

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His Girl said...

*throws self on floor and cries*

care-in said...

How fun, doesn't Paula have a restaurant? Hilton Head seems like a great place. We went when I was a kid but I don't remember a thing!

BTW...are you for hire? X and I plan to go somewhere for our 10th in two years.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Well, you'll have to go to San Diego another time, but I know you'll have fun in Hilton Head or Savannah!

And I am SO looking forward to your Colorado trip!

chloeadele said...

did someone say colorado? :)

Gretchen said...

It's nice that Amber is being mature about her disappointment. :) Yet refreshing, also to see how much you'll be missed.

We went to HH and Sav. and Charleston over spring break w/my inlaws, and thought the area was very nice. The beach at Hilton Head is very sugar-sandy and flat for walking or biking or just hangin'.

Have fun in CO.

Jealous (and repentant) that you get to meet Mer!

Blessings on your vaca.