Friday, July 18, 2008

Taking matters into their own hands

My boys want a dog so BAD, but we are waiting until we move (if we ever move) to the new house. Over the last two days they invented substitute pets to fill the void. :o)

Tuesday night they played like this until bed time. They were being so silly and had the giggles (loved it!). This puppy liked to lick, could do tricks and carried baseball cards while he walked around - very talented!!
He loves bunnies! My nieces have a pet bunny and he loves to talk to her and could stare at her for hours. Right now we have a bunny (who is eating our new grass and digging holes!) living in our backyard - he will sits at the window and carries on a conversation with his new friend. The bunny he is holding is one of three that my parents sent the boys for Easter. Yesterday he started asking it questions like "eat bunny?" and "okay bunny?" and he was giving it the sweetest hugs and kisses.

Maybe we should get a fish or two to tide them over until we get the dog?

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care-in said...

Poor little fellas!

{Karla} said...

they are so cute. and apparently, so so so deprived! ;0)

xo ~K

Taryn Wright said...

I think I am going to become a crazy fan of your blog! I love it and love reading about your kids- THEY ARE SO CUTE!!

The conversations with the bunny sounds completely adorable... oh, wouldnt you give anything to just freeze those moments? So precious.

Have a good weekend!


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

so cute!

boys4us said...

Hi Jenn! Found your blog on the comments on a recent post of Jim's blog (SCC site.) Adorable boys, great design...Love it! ~Dorla

Gretchen said...

We have two lively and not very well mannered dogs that you can have! Just kidding. Only one is ill-mannered. The other is old and semi-continent, but he tries.

And, up till last April we had a bunny. We're a bit of a sanctuary for wayward pets. Peanut bunny was so sweet. Half of his face was brown and the other half black--literally split down the middle. He lived in our back yard, fenced off under a giant sequoia tree.

Best of luck in the dog-quest.