Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How Fun that He plays for our Team!

Tonight when Jeremy walked in the door he turned on the All Star's Home Run Derby. Normally that would have garnered a sarcastic response of "oh joy" from me. I have never been a big baseball fan - watching it kind of bores me to death. I am more of a football girl - lots more action! If I am going to watch all NINE innings - I must watch it at the ballpark with a hot dog and a bag of peanuts. It has been over five years since I have been to a game - so needless to say I have had very little baseball occupying my life.

We are Texas Rangers fans around here (I include myself despite my previous statements) so it made complete sense that Jeremy would turn it on, as we will have four Rangers in the All Star game. Tonight was Josh Hamilton's turn to represent the Rangers with his other three All Star teammates there for moral support. I could not believe how much I got into the derby - in Josh's first round he hit 28 home runs (the second place person only hit 8) and in all for the evening he hit 35.

Okay for those of you who I am boring with diamond talk - stay with me. The story tonight is not about the home runs (even though we witnessed history) or that with 35 home runs he did not win the derby (Justin Mornea won). The story is that God saved his life and gave him a second chance at his marriage, family and baseball. Josh is not afraid to to tell anyone who will listen how Jesus saved him and the miracle is that the media is giving him an outlet to share it! Jeremy and I were able to have a "teachable moment" with our boys while they were watching with us. We were able to tell them how he went from #1 to the lowest of lows and through God's grace and mercy he is now living for Jesus! Our 8 year old thought that was pretty cool.

After the derby I looked Josh up on the computer. One of our pastors used his story in a sermon a couple of weeks ago but I wanted to read it myself. Wow what an inspiration! One thing I read or saw in a video (not sure where as I was clicking around so much) about how important being in the Word is for him. When God began to work in him, before surrendering his old life, he started reading his Bible. When he skipped his reading for a few days he would begin using drugs again. That is so powerful and drilled home the point of how important my daily time with God is as well!

If you have not heard Josh's story - you MUST read an amazing article here that ran in Sports Illustrated. Want more? You can watch an interview he did on a show on ESPN here. In a time when the media looks to see celebrities and sports figures fall flat on their faces, everyone seems to be pulling for Josh and willing for his life to stay on its current course. That in itself could only be God! Take a second to pray for Josh and his family as they bring the gospel of Jesus into the world. I will close with Josh's favorite verse but before I do - anyone interested in going to a Rangers game with me? I may become a true baseball fan after all.

Humble yourselves before God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
James 4:7

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His Girl said...

What a great post, Jenn!

Just this morning i was pondering the importance of being in the Word, if only for a few minutes, every single day. I was thinking about the times I don't do it, and wondering how on earth each of us ever is able to rationalize skipping out on reading the Word for weeks at a time- like we'd ever skip out on brushing our teeth for that long! anyway, when I got to that part of this post, it got me started again... and wondering why He's making me feel so urgent about that this morning. hmmmmmmm

Leah Belle said...

we watched that too last night! i didn't know josh's story, but it was still fun to see him break records. i was also impressed by the elderly gentleman doing his pitching!

headed to check out your links and read josh's story now...

Tamora said...

How neat! I will go to your links and read about him.... I heard something on the radio about the homeruns, but got in on the story late, so I didn't register with me.. thanks for bringing it to my attention.

care-in said...

Thanks for sharing this story, I'm going to read those links you posted. I am so inspired by the teachable moments you are having with M lately.

lisasmith said...

Loved getting caught up on your blog tonight.

I too posted about Josh Hamilton. I LOVE his story. I love it when God uses baseball. Thanks for sharing about the power of the Word in his life. More small things I did not know.

Praising God also for your boy swimming. We have seen God moving in that area around here as well.

How's the house selling going?

Blessings to your fam!