Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dr. Seuss Night

I have been lurking (mostly) at the Whittaker Woman's blog for a few months now. I found Heather through her husband Carlos (Ragamuffin Soul), who I found through Shannon (Rocks in My Dryer). Heather and Carlos went on the blogger trip with Compassion International that went to Uganda a while back.

Anyhoo, Heather and her family do weekly themed Family Nights - she is so creative and I have wanted to do a night with my guys. Jeremy was out of town last week so my oldest said he wanted to do a Dr. Seuss theme night. He picked the recipes from the Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook , we borrowed the corresponding books from the library and printed color sheets off the internet. We had lots of fun! Here are some pictures of our night and the recipes we made.

Trying celery for the first time - not a fan.

Making the boys actual dinner. They did try the gumbo and our oldest actually enjoyed it.

In the cookbook this is called Brown Bar-ba-loots' Truffula Fruits. It is just strawberries that you dip in strawberry yogurt.

I substitued my recipe for the recipe for Remarkable Foon's Sizzling Hot Pebbles. We also made Circus McGurkus Pink Lemonade.

The Cindy Lou Who Wreaths were easy and fun to make. I had to take the cranberries off before they would eat them. :o)


Reading with Dad

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care-in said...

Oh how fun! I could have told you how to make green ham...looks totally disgusting. In first grade we always had a green eggs and ham breakfast (green milk, green grapes, green ham, green eggs...the works!)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

How fun! I bet your kids had a blast!

I may need to copy these ideas!

His Girl said...

are you willing to adopt a family of 5? Your house looks like FUN!

{Karla} said...

Oh my gosh! how fun!

love the celery face. Precious!

xo ~K