Monday, June 9, 2008

Weigh In 9 & 10

I feel like a broken record - I am still only at 12 pounds. Monday June 2nd I gained 1 pound, but today I lost a pound. I am not complaining because I am not doing much to loose the weight.

In the Texas summer heat, ice cream is a must for me. Skinny Cow's products have helped me not gain all my weight back! :o) In my opionion, they are just as good as the real thing. Now if they could figure out how to make Blizzards I would be set! My two favorites are

Only 1 point! One bar hits the spot.

2 points - worth every bite - yum!

My prayers for finding exercise accountability have been answered. My sister-in-law offered to work out with me - so I am going to take her up on it. I also have two girlfriends who walk together so I am going to start joining them next week.

How is everyone else doing with their weight loss?

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care-in said...

I would so come walk with you if it didn't cost a millin $$ to get there!! I've been out walking/running Saturday and today. I've always wondered about the skinny cow stuff...thanks for test tasting them!

His Girl said...

good for you for at least staying stable. I'm still stuck at 8 pounds. Which is NOTHING like 30, which i feel should be done by now. It's been 4 weeks!

Sing4joy said...

Don't get discouraged! Keep trying!

Anonymous said...

I'm at 17 lbs lost. I just keep walking 30 minutes a day and watch my points and it is coming off. Thanks for inspiring me to get started. Hang in there.
Julie E