Tuesday, June 24, 2008

**UPDATED** Just saying Hello

I just wanted to say good morning and let you know I am not on hiatus. In 15 minutes I leave to work out with my sister-in-law at a real live gym. This body has never worked out at a REAL gym (apartment gyms do not count) - it is used to DVDs and walking so pray it can handle this foreign environment. Ha, Ha! I will be back later today.
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Update: 10 minutes into the elliptical machine (which sadly I was already dying) I received a page from the kids club, so I went down and the 20 month old had been crying the whole time - we had to leave. Tomorrow I am going to put him with his 3 year old brother to see if that helps. Thanks everyone for asking.


His Girl said...

whoooop! whoooop!

three cheers from your support team in Cali!

Gretchen said...

Good for you!!!! I worked out in the old gym today, too. It's never a pretty sight, but at least I'm putting forth an effort (so I can have more sugar, of course ;) ).


care-in said...

go for it girl! the only gym i've done is curves...less intimidating!

lisasmith said...

How did it go? You should walk proudly...You are there!