Monday, March 3, 2008

Will we have a snow day???

Nothing makes me more sad than when Jeremy or my boys are sick. The boys have had allergies for a couple of weeks and I have played the "do I take them" or "don't I take them" to the doctor dance all week. Well the older two seem to be better, but the toddler started running fever yesterday and developed an ugly cough which is preventing him from sleeping. He is such a happy boy but today he cried most of the morning so I knew he was feeling pretty bad. We went to the doctor - he is developing an ear infection. She gave him an antibiotic and told me to give him Zyrtec for his allergies. Anyone know why they never give cough medicine anymore? He is running fever this afternoon and is just pitiful. Makes my heart sad...

Texas weather is so weird. February was spring like and we thought our chances of snow would have to wait until next year. But tonight they are talking about snow with - can you believe this - accumulation! West of us they already have an inch of snow and they are talking 2 to 3 inches here by tomorrow morning. Stay tuned to see if we actually have snow to play in on Tuesday!! Saying a little prayer...

Meredith at Life at 7000 Feet had a random facts list. I love her lists - they are so fun. She also had the map below of where she has visited. I thought it was fun so I wanted to do my own map.

Visited 17 states

For fun I thought I would do a map for Jeremy.

visited 29 states

Dadgum business trips! I need to get busy traveling to catch up. You can make your own map here - I'd love to know where you have been.

Off to a meeting - I hope to come home to beautiful snow.

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Anonymous said...

I've done this map before and it wasn't too impressive! My list of places to go is growing fast!

His Girl said...

I have a map too, saved in my archive for after my 100th post. I have only been to 20 states. Though soon I will have 21 under my belt.

I THINK YOU NEED TO COME TO CA!!!! I'll totally show you around!!!

Hope you have some snow ;)

mer said...

Hi Jenn...

I love that you made a map! I agree with HisGirl that you need to go to California sometime! I went last year for the first time and it was fabulous!

So sorry your little guy is sick. My doctor told me to treat the girls' coughs with Robitussen or Mucinex. I still think the prescription stuff is better, but man, they're so stingy with it.

PJ said...

I'd love to do a map. Coming back later when I have time!!!